Saturday, July 20, 2013

College Rants #4- Ending the first week with last words

An exasperated Antara told me to post something, ANYTHING on my blog to cut down the monotone of 'no new posts' of over a month. So here I am, obliging her :D

It’s raining outside (what a splendid way of starting a post isn’t it? with a weather forecast?) and I decided to commemorate my first weekend back home in 3rd sem with the thing I do best- rant.

I went to college with awakened spirits but homesickness kicked in yet again and I (along my bunch of equally crazy and equally homesick friends) found myself longing for the blessed Friday yet again. You would think a year of college would have cured me of running back and forth wouldn’t you? But this post is a proof of how wrong the judgment of human character can be and how the best of us have to chew back on our words sometimes :D

It’s really crazy how long I have been longing to rant on my blog. It was from the day one of the holidays and I do it on day one of my first-weekend-back-home-in-3rd-sem.

Sometimes, you feel like dishing out so MANY things that has happened with you that you end up dishing out zilch. So instead of dishing out interesting spoonfuls of my vacation in Vishakhapatnam, the week preceding that spent with Sattu and that one crazy day with Antara, the week succeeding that spent with Arpita and Sushmita, I dish out bucketfuls of… well… my usual rant crap :D Accept my usual apologies for that.

So what was new in first week of 2nd year? Maybe the changed classroom with individual desks and chairs. Or the prospect of hostel shifting looming ahead. Or the renewed craziness over Harry Potter for me and Huttu or our usual pastime of sit-and-chat-on-top-of-your-voice started with a new vigor. But whatever it was, it tired me out. And back home, I slept 10 hours straight like a corpse and woke up feeling as if someone had taken a log and beaten me to pulp.

I blame it on the extra weird dream I had last night. So some couple from my college (its hard to say who since there are so many) took me for a walk. We went to some sort of a park which had a pool in between and small ramshackle huts with benches cluttered on the sides. No, no, no. That wasn’t how it started! I think I was wrestling with a kid who had taken my book and was tearing it into pieces or something.  It was AFTER that that I went for the walk.

So we came to that place which looked like a setting for a mysterious séance (owing to the weird electronic sounds and chants that were coming from God knows where) and on going inside I find myself looking at all my buddies from school! So I started chatting (there is nothing weird in THAT :P) while brushing my hand on the wood as instructed by the couple who got me there in the first place and then suddenly, I catch fire.

No it isn’t funny. It was downright scary. I look down and see my blue sweater (I was somehow wearing my old school uniform) burning and a tingling sensation spreading over my ribs. I start panicking and crying out for help but the girl (the one from the unknown couple) who was standing right beside me wasn’t doing anything that even remotely spoke of ‘help’. Instead, she just calmly looked at the place that was burning, checked whether the blue fabric of my uniform underneath was burning as well, double checked whether my skin had burnt and then nodding, she left! And then suddenly, someone threw me in the pool and that next thing I know is I am floating in the pool and thanking Buoyancy.  

So yeah. That was all the dream was about. I remember it because I woke up with a start just after the floating part with a distinct pain in my ribs, a foggy vision and a sense of foreboding.

The latest book I read was The Calcutta Chromosome and I have been bitten by so many mosquitoes in the last week that I am confirmed I have malaria. The ultra weird dream proves that my time has come. Somehow. Dont ask me how. I am dwelling on more important matters than that.

So the first thing I did when I opened the greatest invention of 19th century was run a search for malaria symptoms (No, I didn’t open facebook). And now I am certain I have malaria. For all you know, this might be my last post before I go into coma. 

And die. 


I am certain because no one in their right mind could be typing this post. And delirium is also a symptom of malaria isn’t it?

You are free to take my clips that you like Antara along with my 3 new notebooks and the one I made for you. My biggest regret is that I couldn’t give it to you myself and see your reaction as you took it. Sattu I leave you my Chunti and any other rubber bands you like. I also give you my new watch.

I leave all my ink pens to Sushmita and Arpita you can take any 5 books from my collection (excluding the Harry Potter and LOTR series). Huttu you can eat the ‘shada biscuit’ you like that are in my trunk currently along with my ‘A catcher in the Rye’ and any 2 parkers you like. And Rimli I give you my John Green books and my silver Pierre Cardin since you gave away yours to your Dadabhai. 

And my notebooks my dear friends, filled with my minute scribbling is the legacy I leave behind with the hope that you remember me with love and affection when you read them.

If you ever get the chance to see me on my death bed, remember that Britannia Treat is what I love the most. And please don’t bring any flowers. Books would do. More John Green if you are kind enough. He is what I want to read before I die. If I am not dead before I finish this already.

These are my last words my friends and readers. Remember me as the girl who loved blogging and tried to be good.

Bidding a brave Adieu,