Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The sky that hides your
pain in clouds, betrayed by your 
eyes sparkling like stars.

Thanks to Leo for another 4-day poetry assignment :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

As I stand unmoved...

In the midnight that cried
the story of dawn,
In the storm that chased
all traces of light,
I stand on the altar of blood-
hands of steel, heart of stone
and eyes frozen at your gaze when they lost love for me.

Of the light that cast a shadow on my soul-
already dark from the veil of lies you made,
Of the ashes that smoldered last splinter of my love-
already burnt to extinction;
I stir away of what stands me weak,
tonight as I stand on the altar of blood.

To plead for you the wind might be tricked
but what breathes this wind is a trick of mine
and as the dust rises to choke your misery,
the thin line of my lips
might just be a smile.

As clawed hands reach for your bone,
rotten breath fills the air.
Of scented summers your voice reminds me,
but my ears are deaf to your despair.

"In return for something foul,
you pay with the death of a soul"
the chants drown your stuttering heart,
as I watch unmoved on this altar of blood...
altar of your blood.

In your eyes that mirror defeat,
I stare at the tears you made me cry
I turn away in the pool of your remains
"Death of a soul" the chants still claim
truth had never been so clear on my face,
Death it was... death of MY soul
because as I watch you being killed
I see myself slowly die...

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