Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power of Love

I wish to sing
The song of the stars,
I wish the sky weren’t so
Desperately far;
I wish to fly like a bird
At the magical sounds,
It is so sad that my sky
Had to be the ground…

I looked up from my diary as the phone rang. I leaned with some difficulty to pick it out of its stand, wishing I had listened to Varsha and kept it on the bed itself.

“Hello” I said, clearing my throat a bit, my voice a little hoarse from being so unused.

“Hey honey, I’ll be a teensy bit late coming back. There is still so much of work to complete and you know there would be such a rush after six. And also I have to shop a bit and bring those medicines for you…” she said in one breath, her voice a bit squeaky.

“Varsha…” I tried to get in her monologue.

“Oh! And see I nearly forgot! I have to get that shirt of yours from the tailor as well. He called me last week and I completely forgot to go there and…”

“Varsha!” I said louder so that she went silent “It’s OK. I don’t mind. Don’t break your neck with worry over it. Ok? I’ll be alright”

“Are you sure?” she asked quietly, sounding more like herself.

“Yes. Stop worrying about me. Get your work done and come back. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Ok. If you need anything, just call me. Keep drinking water ok? Bye. See ya in a while” she said and ended the call.

I shifted my pillows into a more comfortable position, wishing for the millionth time I weren’t so helpless and dependent.

But then fate twists your life in a cruel, unwanted way, and there is nothing left but the frustration and resentment. It was on one such day that my fate decided to screw me up and bring me face to face with the cruel reality of my life.

It was like any other day; I had come out of my apartment to go to the grocery store across the road when a flash of white came skidding towards me and then a sharp, intolerable pain was all that my life was left with.

For a month I had lain senseless, rotting on the hospital bed. When I woke up, her tear streaked face was the only thing I could see; it didn’t take me long to realize that this was the woman who had rendered me a cripple for the rest of my life.

I couldn’t walk anymore; all that was left of my legs were two ugly stumps.

Hatred burned inside me as I looked at her. I could see nothing but my anguish in her repenting eyes.

I had no relatives or parents to claim me, though I doubt they would have done anything even if they did exist. So I prepared myself to rot in that smelly general ward till they threw me out of the hospital altogether.

And then came the boomerang. She came inside my ward after a few weeks, something she hadn’t dared to do till then, and said timidly, “The… doctor says you can be released tomorrow… I wanted to ask… if you don’t mind… you could… come stay… with us…”

Blood boiled in my veins as I saw her pretty face, her shy, soft eyes that beseeched me and I could feel the bitter hatred on my tongue before I could even speak.

“Get released to where? To the hell you have prepared for me? And please, keep your pity to yourself. What a god damn polite way of saying ‘Since you have nowhere to go and since your life is officially fucked up, you have no choice but to come with me!” I spit on her face and took pleasure in seeing her flinch at my words, seeing the tears escape her eyes.

But I had no option than to go with her. Something I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of doing in my life given the choice. But I had no crossroads to decide from and I had no motive to live either so going with her was almost a blessing, at least then I could draw strength from my hatred and find the incentive to live.

She lived in a 2-bedroom flat with her husband - a tall, brooding guy who worked as a security analyst with some software company while she herself was an architect. It was evident that her husband didn’t like having an invalid creep in the house with them and I could hear them having rows over it time and again.

Instead of feeling guilty, I took a sadistic pleasure from it. I didn’t leave any chance in making her life more difficult than it already was - calling her at unsuitable times, making nerve racking demands, and taking out all my frustration on her when I felt too wretched.

But she took it all in silence.

I waited, stretching her to her breaking point, waited for her to release her frustration so that I could unleash my hatred some more. But the day never came.
And her silent endurance made me madder than ever…

Then came the day that changed both our lives. The day when her husband gave her the final choice - I or he – for both obviously couldn’t stay under the same roof together.

Rage and bitterness hit me like waves as I knew the obvious path she would choose, just as her husband knew it too.

And then…before I could even grasp was happening, she divorced her husband and we shifted to a new apartment whose rent she paid.

I was too numb with shock to realize the gravity of her decision, too numb even to react.
Silence. Silence was all that stretched between us for days.

Every night I could hear her muffled crying… those were the nights I couldn’t sleep either.

And then the pain became too worse for me to bear. I could see what I had done to her- became a burden she couldn’t shake off for that one mistake she committed, became her own personal devil from hell to suck away her life, became a truth she could neither face, nor run away from.

I saw what I had done to myself in the process of tormenting her for my own satisfaction- I had become a monster, a monster of the worst kind. I was of no use to anyone, unwanted and unloved. And I could see no purpose of my life…

I had searched blindly for anything that could end that misery; my eyes were blind with tears as my hands founded the blessed sharpness of the eating fork.

But it was wrenched from my hands before I could do anything and a voice burned in my ears “Don’t you dare even THINK of doing this”

“Let me go!” I screamed, struggling with her with all the strength I had, hitting her with my fists, but she didn’t let go. 
And finally when I couldn’t take the pain anymore, I resolved into tears in her arms, the entire vent up frustration, anger, bitterness, hatred pouring out.

I don’t remember how long we both cried that night… the only thing I remember was the comfort of her arms, of her warm, soft body as she hugged me and I succumbed to sleep.
And in the morning, when I had woken up, I found a new motive to live… it was no longer hatred. It had shifted forms to something more powerful, something more painful… it had changed to love…

It has been two years since that night we both learnt to accept our lives the way it was. I wasn’t of any use to her but she still loved me in a way I was never loved before. I had wondered if it was the pity that made her do that but then I looked into her eyes and found the truth- it wasn’t pity or guilt that had brought us together… it was the realizations of bigger things in life… I was loved simply because of me… she loved me because of what I was.

And that made me respect her more than ever.

No love story is perfect, neither is ours - we both have that resentment of casting an eclipse on each other’s lives that would probably never go. And yet, our love was strong enough to overcome that all.

We both lost our lives to each other - I, because of her, and she, for me. But in the path of losing it all, we found our life amidst it- a life we chose to live together…

I wiped off my tears as the front door clicked open and she entered the room after a while.

“Oh this traffic will get...What happened dear!” she exclaimed as she came near me
I shrugged nonchalantly and wiped the last tears off my cheek. She looked at my open diary and asked quietly, “Been writing and crying again?”

I didn’t reply, casting my eyes down as she read the verse. At once her arms were around me, tears pouring down her own cheeks as she choked, “Your sky isn’t the ground Nidhi, your sky isn’t the ground!”

I hugged her back, clinging on to the only hope of my life- the woman who had destroyed and yet built my world in unforgettable ways… my savior... my love… my warm rain in the cold haunting nights… my Varsha…

She took my face in her hands and wiped off my tears, whispering the words she had said time and again, “I love you Nidhi”

I looked into her eyes and saw the face of a mother I never had, a sister I had craved for, a lover I never got a chance to make and voiced out the words I had never said but realized ages ago… “I love you too… I love you… too…”

* * * 

This is written for a challenge set by an Indiblogger (Rahul Miglani) on the thread "Challenge for blog" All i can say is... thankyou for making me write this one...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RM#2 Mostly about Delhi- Part 1


Despite my complaints about my school and some people whom I dislike there, I actually have so many exciting and lovely memories to recount that it would take up a hundred posts to do them justice :)

Of the many things my school has given me, the ones that would top the list would be the amazing experiences i had a chance to live.

One such awesome experience and memory of my life was Youth Parliament. For people who don't know what this competition means, Youth Parliament is a mock parliamentary competition organized by the Ministry of Parliamentary  affairs, Government of  India that takes place amongst all the KV's and Navodaya Vidyalayas, and colleges too I think.

So, our school started competing for the year 2006-07(I was in class 7 then and oblivious to the world around me :P) and my brother who was in class 9 was selected to take part as some minister from the ruling side.
Our school won at the regional level and went to the national level.

And then in the beginning of class 8, it happened to me too.
It was a chance, a coincidence or probably my twisted luck which maybe isnt twisted as i believe it to be :P
I went to the gents staff room to fill water bottles. Session had just started I think and water used to get over by the tiffin time itself.
So we had to go to the staff rooms to get it filled. The added bonus of it was that we got ice cold water from there.
But it wasn't always that we were allowed to get it from the staff rooms cuz the teachers could get bitchy and drive you out.
But the teacher's favorites always had a plus because then they wouldn't really mind who took the water etc etc. So I was pushed to the staff room most of times to do the job :P as I have always said, being in good books of your teachers helped sometimes :P

So on one such day, when i had gone to the staff room to get our bottles filled, Purohit Sir, our Social science teacher for class 7 saw me and jabbered something excitedly to Kar sir, our vice principal and Social science teacher at THAT time in Oriya.
And Kar sir broke excitedly too, wagging his arms till i got scared that I had done something horrendous. My worst fears got confirmed when they both asked me to assemble in the meeting hall in the last two periods.

After spending an entire hour in apprehension and fear, I was surprised to see my brother, his friends and all the high and mighty bhaiya's and didi's of classes 10, 11, 12 in that room ALONG with our Principal Madam. THEN i was informed that I was probably selected for Youth Parliament because they needed some new bali ka bakra to take the oath.
But as it turned out, I was given a better role of an MP with the opposition(they were probably impressed by my excellent Hindi speaking abilities :P :P) where I had to curse the railway minister with druing the question hour :P

And thus began my tryst with the the-then important elite group of my school :P
It is SO obvious that I was inflated with pride and happiness to be the YOUNGEST member in the team and i used to pose before my frieds with killer dialogues of "Arre mujhe Youth Parliament ke practice pe jaane hai. I cant possibly come and play an immaterial thing like BASKETBALL right now. duh" :P :P

I never totally realized the importance of what I was getting, not even when our school stood first at the nationals and we were taken to Delhi for a week to get the prize and also perform there.

That is how I went to my first trip without my parents, not that I missed them or something :P but going alone to DELHI was a huge thing then when i was like 12 or something :P

And that is how, this all started. It is so obvious that I couldnt finish this memory in one post, hence the tag "Mostly about Delhi- part 1" :P

There is more coming up- of WHAT all actually happened there; there are so many things to share, I could probably write a novel :P

So adios till then and I hope I have get you all waiting for the next post!!!!


PS: you can read the previous post(RM#1) here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Taken from Pixdaus

If there is no light
in the dawn of dreams; how long
do I endure dark?

Written for Haiku Heights

Thursday, March 22, 2012


The warm breeze froze on her cold face; it was as if it were afraid to explore the strands of her hair, to fill her nose with its fragrance, to skim its taste on her open lips. The wind was braver than the breeze; with gusto it scattered her hair all over, plastering a few strands on her cheek where it was still wet… wet with the tears that never seemed to stop.

“Do you love me?” he had asked- it was that 4 worded question she couldn’t answer.A yes, just a simple ‘yes’. It would have been so easy, would have saved her from her present, her past, and her future which was busy in becoming an extended shadow of the former.

“Do you love me?” his pained voice rang out in her ears as if it were only a moment ago it all happened and not a year back.

“And why won’t you look at me!” he had shouted in frustration, confused by her silence, her unspoken words. His every word had pierced her heart, punched into it a million holes but she kept silent, restraining herself from the thing she couldn’t do… restraining herself from casting a burdensome love on him… restraining herself from telling the truth she had to hide…

“Your silence speaks for itself” he said finally, sounding nothing like the cheerful person he was before “If you don’t love me anymore… this is a goodbye then” his voice was lost, defeated.

Every cell in her body screamed at her to stop him. So what if things weren’t the same anymore? So what if she had changed in ways that may not be acceptable to him? Surely he would understand? Surely their love was strong enough to withstand the inevitable that had occurred?

But words had died in her throat and before she knew, he was gone…


She shifted slightly on the bench she was sitting; her limbs still ached from the accident that had happened a year ago. She had had a narrow escape from death, the doctors said. But to her, it seemed to be an escape from life rather than death

People had been sweet to her, offering their sympathies and help, but it made her feel even more helpless than ever. Gradually the stream of visitors faded away under her indifference.

She gazed unseeingly at the sky above; it had started drizzling slightly. She wished it would rain harder, then at least her tears would be camouflaged from pitiful eyes.

A man who had been watching her from sometime crossed the road and approached her tentatively. “madam… umm.. Do you need some help?” he asked, thinking she was crippled or something.

She started, her heartbeat accelerated and her breath caught- it was the same voice! Ian’s voice. HER Ian.

He had come back!

“Do you love me Sarah?”

Yes, she wanted to shout. Yes, I love you Ian, and I have loved you ever since you fought with me over a bottle of coke that I had paid for, ever since you toppled my pot of begonias deliberately, ever since you made me smile with your relentless phone calls, trying to win…

“Hello there, Madam? I am talking to you” the man said, gently touching her arm.

She flinched back instantly, cowering from the stranger’s touch. No… this couldn’t be her Ian. He used to touch her as if she were made of glass…

Pain wrecked her again. Why did she have to choose this course of life? But then, she wondered, did she ever have a choice?

The sun came out then, finally breaking free from the clouds it had been fighting with, and as she turned her face towards the stranger, the first sun rays hit her full on the face.

The man was startled to see her beauty- she looked like a princess from the faded chapters of history. Her skin shimmered under the sunlight like cream-woven silk, her unusual features were set into an oval-shaped face which was partly covered by a mane of thick, auburn hair. Her large, tragic eyes were a rich coral blue and her softly parted full lips were like two exquisitely carved rose petals.

But what startled him more than her beauty was the pain that was etched into every entity of her face. He had a sudden impulse of moving away from the sunlight. Something so delicate should not be ruined…

She was not even aware of the stranger’s gaze on her face. She was only aware of the sun piercing her skin. 

First a breeze, then a wind, followed by rain and now the light. Nature seemed to change every time. Maybe it was a cue for her to change too. But somehow she was frozen in time. Frozen since the day she couldn’t say what she had to…

“Do you love me?”

Oh! She wished… she just wished…

She pulled herself together and stood up. The sun shifted and a direct ray fell on her eyes. The stranger prepared himself to get dazzled once more… but somehow it never came. The sun rays seemed to be reflecting… nothing…

Somehow the pain in her face turned blank in her beautiful eyes.

With rising apprehension, he moved closer…

“No thank you… I am fine” she said and picking up her supporting stick, slowly moving out of the park…

The stranger shook his head in shock… the poor thing couldn’t see!

* * *
Maybe it is true that love sees no religion and caste. But does it see no physical impairment too? Would we be loved in the same way as now even if we changed for the worse someday? Became crippled, helpless for life? Would sweet memories of the past be able to shadow over the bitter reality of present? But more importantly, would we be able to love the same way as before too. Would carrying this burden be easy?

I have always wondered over these lines. Is love, when it happens, permanent? Would it be that way with me? And does love really never look at the flaws in a person-small or large? And if someday, something does change for the rest of our lives, would we really be able to stop ourselves from casting a ‘burdensome love’ on the person we love?

I wonder… I wonder very much…

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Words become life
as imprints of heart in ink
shine so blue.

Written for Haiku Heights

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Verses From My Heart

Volatile thoughts
Envelop with dreams
Resurrect in words
Stronger than before.
Empathize with pain,
Sympathize with hurt.

Frozen life
On paper, becomes
Myriad of  colors

Mingles with truth-
Yarn of my words.

Here I resemble
Every heartfelt thought-
Ardent and innocent;
Remembering past, I
Travel through present...

Leo assigned me this task of writing an acrostic on my blog title. The condition was that I had to use no more than 3 words each line. It was quite a task because I honestly find word limit a pain in the... :P :P
But once I started writing, it came with a flow and I realized how much I loved my blog's name, because it truly depicts what I say- Verses from my heart... Kirti's heart :-)

So, thank you Leo for making me do this, I loved writing this acrostic :-)

And this verse I think would be an answer to all the people who ask me- Why verses from my heart?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

With a tangy taste of siblingship :) (RM#1)

Sitting in the bathroom and dreaming today(:P), thinking about which childhood memory I should recount I suddenly remembered this funny thing.

When we were kids, my brother in class 5-6 and me in 2-3, we had shifted to a new neighborhood in the campus beside DAV Model School(which used to be my school at that time).
It was a kind of lonely neighborhood, few people lived there and the gardens attached to the houses were HUGE. So the houses were set wide apart and there weren't many kids to play there.

So, I and my brother used to go to our aunt's house which was like half a kilometer away(in the campus itself) because their's was a joint family and we used to love going there.
My brother used to take me there on his bicycle, because i obviously wasn't trusted on MY bicycle on the roads, I used to make a point of jumping out of it and running off here and there to collect grass(yes, i had this HUGE fascination for grass :P)

So, we used to have an arrangement between us, me and my brother I mean. We used to set a password for the bicycle ride and my brother used to make a point of NOT starting till I said the correct password :P
It used to be a natural course of action for us back then because we both were huge fans of Famous-Five and Secret-Seven and OBVIOUSLY Blyton fans know about the obsession of these super secret groups for password and stuff.

So, WE used to have a password too. It would depend on the stuff we were reading or watching right then and as far as I remember, we used to be huge fans of Shaktiman at that time and stuff like 'Andhera kaayam Rahe' mostly used to be our passwords :P

And you can guess what would be my state if I FORGOT the password. My brother would make a point of wobbling the cycle till I either burst out crying in frustration, or he took pity on me and told me the password.

As we grew older- me in class 5-6 and he in class 7-8 :P- the passwords grew more complicated :P
And i had these three chances of guessing and lifelines used to be one or two hints :P

Oh the rules were too complicated. But this endearing game came to and end when i was old enough to be trusted on my own bike. I still miss those days where happiness used to be so underrated and easy to achieve. But we cant help if shadows of time obscure these happy moments for us can we?
So its memories all we have...

I love you Anna... wish we could have those funny games again!! :-)

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Random Memories

Sometimes, when you are all alone cooped up with your thoughts, you cant help a few memories from the past haunt you aagin. Mostly they are things that make you shudder and force you to block them out of mind, but we do relive on some pleasant memories too, don't we?

So I am starting this new genre to my writings, Random Memories because today(sitting in the bathroom and dreaming of course :P) I thought, it wasn't worth to forget these things that make you smile suddenly. So I planned to post some random memories of my life-childhood to teenage- just little things I cant forget, little things that touch me, amuse me, make me smile...

These are the things I feel happy to share because I believe in making others smile, and these posts, surely would get me my aim :-)

hoping to make you smile,
and smiling myself
Kirti :-)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Photo taken from here

I yearn for the time
when eyes smiled, heart dreamt; childhood-
when truth had felt true 

Written for Haiku Heights
Also linked with Dverse open link night

Friday, March 9, 2012

When you dont have anything to say, and BINGO! a blog post :P

Some things cant be explained. There are times when you hesitate to write something even on your OWN blog just because you are scared you would...

See, this is one of such times. Never thought i would feel depressed with something so DETACHED and far off. but it happened. with me. Big deal.
Sorry but i have more IMPORTANT things to be worried of. Like my messed up Physics paper and my parents thinking I am the only one who messed it.
Dear papa, open Times Of India. See the children crying. UNDERSTAND the reason behind my tears.

When everything was going along fine(it didn't take me long to get out of my depression over physics. awesome friends like Sattu and Antara and a nice long walk and later two chocolate milk shakes and sandwich in CCD helps :P) another bombshell had to break.

Can anyone blame me for not watching serials?? I HATE drama. Unless its Christie writing it :-)

I have quit the 10 day challenge.
Sorry but I dont have the mood :P

Chris Martin, i love you for Coldplay that cheers me up no matter WHAT.
And Jason Wade, I love you for amaaaaaaaaaaazing songs like Blind and Smoke and mirrors that brings goosebumbs on my arms and PIERCES my heart.

"Straight through my heart, a single bullet got me, i cant stop the bleeding..."

Backstreet boys... I love you too. Ever since I STARTED listening to English songs. Nick carter, you are so awesome... you make me cry over I Still and Crawling back to you

Antaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I LOVE you for Switchfoot yaar. And for everything else. I love you so frickin much.
* blows kisses *
muaaah :)

"Look at the stars
look how they shine for you
And all the things you do
yeah they were all yellow.

I came along,
I wrote a song for you
and all the things you do
yeah they were all yellow"

Havent heard this?? You want to waste your life?? here, hear this :-)

And Leooooooo!! thank you so much for Westlife. My love for their songs is unexplained. I cant even WRITE about how much i love their songs... and the LYRICS.
GOD!! I love you so frickin much for making such talented people!!!

*blows kisses again*

If you still havent heard Us against the world; you seriously need to get a life. :P
Just kidding. you can have it here!

I honestly get goosebumps over this. My heart stops. OH GODDD!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!
Leo, i cant thank you enough :-)

So stupid of me. i should have just made a blog post when i was feeling depressed!! my mood is better again!! yay!!

PS: Ignore the rant, enjoy the songs :-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10 day challenge~ DAY-3

Today's topic is 8 fears. So here we go with the revelation again :P

1. Failing in exams- I say "main to kal poora fail" before an exam so MANYtimes that it gets on the nerves on EVERYONE :P :P

2. Lightning- I am always scared it will hit me.

3. God- Of COURSE :P

4. Disappointing my parents- I dont have much expectations from myself, but my parents do. though they never show it. This is the biggest fear in my agenda cuz i cant really bear seeing disappointment in my life. Hope God gives me enough strength to fulfill their dreams...

5. Not getting a decent college- do i even have to elaborate WHY. :P

6. Burglars- when i cant sleep off at night, every scrape in my room seems like a a robber sawing off the window railings. yeah, i know i am insanely stupid :P

7. Not being able to survive in college- this is a very valid fear i think, cuz girls like ME definitely cant survive.DUH. this gives me jitters sometimes :P

8.Messing my other boards as well- Ok so Physics was messed up big time and though i am not the only one wailing over this, i dont care. I just want a decent score so that i can scrape off the cut-off for St.Xaviers or IISER(though its a fat chance) and get admitted in SOME good college. So i hope i dont ruin my other exams too.
That reminds me, i should probably be getting along with chem!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 day challenge~ DAY-2

Moving on to the 2nd day of challenge, I have to disclose 9 Loves today.
So here we go!

1. Books- oh this is so obvious. I am a HUGE book-worm :P

2. Music- This is very obvious too, i can hardly live a day without listening to music. And i am into all kinds of songs, mainly English and though i have very little patience with sloooooooow songs(i am more into rock-hard or soft :P) i listen to them all the same. Any suggestions of new songs or bands would be welcome :-)

3. My old blue jeans- cant imagine WHY my mom is always insistent on throwing it off!! i LOVE it :P

4. My 2010 diary- well, it has my half-finished novel, something i still love despite the gaping story line :P and some nice poetry and some MORE of half-finished stories and some really silly diary entries :P All in all it is the first diary I almost finished :P

5. My pretty orange rubber band- Oh i have so MANY rubber bands it actually takes three vanity boxes to get all of them in :P but this one is my favorite. It has a cute orange head of a cowboy and 3 starts dangling. I call him my "chunti" :P :P

6. Ian Hecox- Is there any reason why i should NOT love him??? he is sooooo ADORABLE. For people who dont know who he is- Ian is one of the creators of SMOSH, a you tube channel which is really really funny. The other member if Anthony Padilla, Ian's friend and they together make me laugh even in my darkest moods. To have real fun with this talented guys, check out their youtube channel
oooooooooooh!! you like him too do you?? please say YES!! :P :D

7. My besties- Arpita, Sushmita, Sattu, Antara- 4 people i cannot live without... i love you all :-) thank you for making my life wonderful :-)

8. My brother- ah... do i even have to explain this part??? it is so obvious!!

9. My parents- for giving me a chance at living a life(by giving me birth of course :P and a good education and a good bringing up :D). For my ever-encouraging mom who is with me in EVERYTHING i do. no wonder i am so close to her :-)

yahooooo!! so i am don with the 2nd day too!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

10 day challenge~ DAY-1

I thought my poor, dear blog must be missing my rants these days, so i am taking up the 10 day challenge set by Pooja on Indiforum :)
So the challenge for Day-1 is: 10 secrets. so here we go :P

1. When I was a kid, I used to talk with the trees. My favorite one was Derek, a mango tree beneath which we had a swing and i used to spend most of my time there talking :P :P

2. err... I still cuddle up to sleep with my mother. OK, DONT laugh at this. call me childish or whatever you want to but its true :P :P whenever my dad is out for some stuff, i shift to my parent's room :)
PS: also before BOARD exams, like now :P :P

3. I cry for stupid things- the silliest ones include- breaking the nib of my FAVORITE ink pen and losing my diary for a few minutes :P

4. I am CRAZY about cricketers. especially, AUSTRALIAN cricketers. :P (though this isn't much of a secret. Everyone who knows me, knows this :P)

5. I HATE people who are fake. Being real takes such a little effort; I don't understand why people have to be two-faced and ruin everything for others too.

6. I cant cook. I KNOW its a big deal. i mean my family makes it seem as if its a CRIME or something because my BROTHER is an EXCELLENT cook and i don't even know how to make RICE.
(i know how to make maggi though. duh)

7. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Brittania Treat Jim-Jam. Even better than chocolates sometimes. I specially like it the way they say- "open, lick, eat, Brittania Treat!!". And i cant imagine why everyone has to LAUGH when i say this :( :( its most humiliating :(

8. I am OBSESSED with the name 'Abhimanyu'. I dont know WHY. Its just... the name has some magnetic effect on me. Ever since i heard Mahabharata, then read it again last year(C.V.Rajagopalachari's version. Its.... INCREDIBLE...) and then there was this serial on TV whose hero was a Abhimanyu too :P and again at the Illumination last year when i saw that INCREDIBLE RK-Hall theme of Chakravyuha and had a gossebump raising on my arms... the effect of this magical name has become all the more stronger on me... It coveys a sense of calm, bravery and the character of a WARRIOR that i love. and i simply cant get over it...  All these days it was a secret, not it is out :P

9. I get real hurt when someone calls me childish or a 'kid'. People say i haven't grown UP with age and that is so unfair. I don't show it, but i get real pissed off when people don't take me seriously just because i am a 'kid' for them.

10. I can never keep anything about myself from my mother or my closest friends. I always blurt out anything and everything, however small it may be. But i am a solid 'secret-keeper' for others though :P
So if you want to know more of my 'super-embarrassing-secrets' just go talk to my mom, or my brother or Antara or Sattu or Arpita or Sushmita :P :)

Was this ok?? did i live up to the challenge?? give me your views!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Photo taken from Pixdaus

Breathing bliss on  
 dreamy green; peace is all I want
will fate agree?

Written for Haiku Heights