Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My eyes were like the withered petals
drooping and dead against their might
when you came like a lively breeze
teaching them to stand and fight.....

My heart was like a shy flower
retreating into its own gloom
when you like a beautiful bird
came in there to make it bloom...

My thoughts were like a distant sea
unfathomable and unreachable
when you came like a high tide
scattering them towards the people....

My dreams were like an empty pool
struggling to break away the bonds
when you came like the facets of light
making them bold and strong.....

My entire being was incomplete
without your hand to guide me through
your thoughts and words make me up
and these verses are completely true.... 

My tormenting heart....

Morning awaits clear and bright
but my heart somehow reclines in fright
the danger unforseen looms in the way
then how can I be happy and gay?

Pristine flakes cover my path
but i think about the aftermath
my heart warns about the thorns in there
guiding me to go elsewhere...

My feet bleed, staining the snow
I try to walk, though i know
the correct path is way behind
the confusion almost makes me blind...

I stagger as I find my way
indecisin is clear down the bay
I ignore my desire, struggling inside
waiting in agony till it subsides...

My mind smiles at its gain
but my heart chokes with pain
internal anguish makes me realise
that I've not taken a step wise...

Throttling your dreams makes you die
burning ur tears so you cant even cry
better stay happy pusuing your dreams
then regret every time your heart screams....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I know what i am....

I know what i am.... but the realisation sometimes comes before me in such startling and sudden ways that im left blank and expressionles. As i sit and type here, my mind is overflowing with so many emotions that they are threatning to break and come out. But it will leave me exposed, vulnerable, baring the real kirti; hidden behind all the merry facade. I need someone badly, someone who will understand me completely, hug me, assure me everything ia all right. I know that wordscant soothe me, but knowing that there is someone who loves me, cares for me, is enough... more than enough.... But at the end of the day i stand where i was before. Alone. Its weird to say and write all this when i am surrounded by wonderful parents, loving brother and loyal friends; but in such moments i feel as if i am completely bereft and solitary...

Friday, November 19, 2010

The hidden me.......

I come across something and see;
an image that looks like a distorted me...
Amazingly similar, shockingly free;
Full of delight,humming like a bee....

It makes me wonder, 
who is she?
brimming with life,
perfectly resembling me!!

Do I stand before a cracked mirror
and see myself in a new form?
or is it my reflection in water 
which due ripples seems like a wriggling worm.

or is she a twin of mine?
suddenly sprouted from a place unknown;
having the same round face, same brown eyes
and the same confident tone....

whoever she is,whatever her source
she is a complete opposite of me;
where I'm a struggler, she is a survivor
a person who i would desire to be.

Then I think in a different way
and come to realise that she,
hold the aspirations that lay
deep inside me....

That we are the same, but we play the game
in two different ways
head and tail of the same coin,
having the same thing to say...

She is the hidden me
peeping and trying to come out
a person i can be, only if i strive hard
and this is what the story is all about.....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Magical Hands....

I drew the imprint of my hand,
every detail,every entity of my fingers;
then looked back to admire my work,
when i learnt a lesson that still lingers...

The irregular length of my fingers,
not only taught me about the ups and downs;
but also gave the lesson of how
5 diverse things live united without a frown...

My smooth pink nails said the story
of how they don't even complain,
when a part of them grown in excess
is curtailed away causing a bit of pain....

The changing lines of my palm
assured me of the fact-
that even destiny can be changed,
if life is dealt with courage and tact....

The way I could twist my hand
unveiled an important value from its cover,
of how even the hardest of bones
can bend before your will power...

Lastly the small unnoticed mole
put forth its own tale,
The way to life is built by small successes
so NEVER, ever be afraid to fail....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Following a train of my thought.....

                         "Life has become so meaningless that sometimes i wonder the reason for which we are alive."These were the precise words posted by a friend of mine on Facebook-the social networking site.Though that person became normal again in a few hours; this comment made me ponder into the depths of why an 11th class student would go to such extents of making such a comment. It is true that in moments of fury,frustration,sorrow, we feel like giving up everything and crouch into a dark corner to unburden our heart.And in a teenager's life such moments are numerous.But the credit goes to those people who try to find a positive side of every such situation.I know this sounds very philosophical and bookish but it is true.And when you have your closest friends in such times,the ordeal becomes much easier.
                           But many times one becomes such an introvert in such situations that even the idea of sharing becomes repulsive.There are many dark corners in our heart that don't want the light of attention to be focussed on them.To eliminate the effect of that shadow,we find refuge in different sources-some in music,some in physical exertion,some in net surfing and some,like me-in writing.When you have the reassurance that the blank pages of your diary are waiting for you to hammer down all your feelings,you feel an odd sense of comfort.
                          For me writing is the only escape when life becomes filled with any of the two conflicting emotions-joy and sorrow.Writing helps you to reflect,to think-about your actions,your opinions and your ideas.And the unlimited patience with which your heart,your head,pen and paper coordinate helps you to find solace in even the most difficult situations.
                         You'll find it surprising to find  that many inventive and ingenious creations flow out of your pen in such situations.And then when you pause in your reflectiona and look upon your work,you feel satisfied,even proud; and this very satisfaction helps you to see the positive side of everything.Writing in cases of extreme nerves can also help.For example if you make an entry:
                                    "" Dear Diary,
                                                       My head is just bursting with tension. I dunno how my exam will go tomorrow.I have already read these-these chapters and I need to revise these-these in the morning/night""
 Then you are automatically letting your mind make an assessment of what is left and how to complete it.
                 Writing in extreme situations can also lead to beautiful poetry or an article that even amazes you about your capability-but only if you let your heart shake hands with your hand.So next time when you are lonely in your thoughts try penning your emotions down and see how immense is your relief.
Pen and paper can become your best friends in life,as they have become mine-but only if you give yourself a chance............

My eyes-the truth within

My eyes hold dark pools of nostalgia,
sneak into them and see the images;
but be careful not to disturb them,
for tarnished memories wipe away the lovely faces.....

My eyes hold infinite emotions,
each fabricating its own tale;
but do not try to play with them,
for each hurt makes them fade and pale.....

My eyes hold the thread of dreams,
each one having a colorful hue;
but these loose ends scatter everywhere,
the ones that get knotted are very few......

My eyes hold the mirror of truth,
crystal clear and once so bright;
but the shadow of fear is lurking behind,
making them close and recline in fright.......

My eyes hold the key to my heart,
every evidence of life hidden inside;
but facing the world and its harsh norms,
it is better if I let them hide.....